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by Boobs Mcgee (propermedicine)
at January 30th, 2007 (10:23 pm)

If you had to travel, would you fly? are you for or against it? Would you rather Drive? Does your S.O. have a preference? That's actually kinda funny..cause i'm having to fly out to Texas (from Florida) with my fiance's parents for his graduation from AIT! I'm actually scared of flying.. last time I flew on a plane I was 7 and I didn't really know what was goign on. For some reason now the thought just gets under my skin..and kinda makes me feel anxious. Would I rather drive? I don't know.. it takes more time and i'm very impatient sometimes. But if I flew in a plane and the plane for whatever reason crashed (I know, very unlikely..so i've been told) there isn't anyway I would live. If you're in a plane crash you're more than likely going to DIE. There may have been istances where people did survive in plane crashes but I've never heard about any of them.

If you had to choose which would you rather, and why:
To live in another country with your significant other, but your entire family is left behind
to live in another country with your entire family, but your significant other is left behind, and you can only talk to him on the phone and through letters, besides seeing him ONCE a year?
OKAY I would definetly choose to live with my significant other in another country!! I actually might be doing that pretty soon... :\ Only not another country, just Alaska. But it might as WELL be another country because all of my family is in Florida.