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A Rating Community for Couples!

love on romance drive
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This community is for couples only. If you're not in a somewhat serious relationship, don't bother applying. Also, please don't join unless you actually plan on filling out the application. We give you more than enough time to fill out the application and post it, and to have to take people off the members list is annoying so please, do not join if you're not going to apply.

romance_drive is for couples of all races, sexes, backgrounds; just all walks of life. We welcome everyone! romance_drive is a community for people to come together and have fun within the subject of relationships. We feature couple of the month, theme of the month, question of the week, scavenger hunts, and other activities! At romance_drive, members can get to know others and make new friends. The members can discuss relationships as well as provide and receive advice on relationships. romance_drive was started by lluvya14 & needleskiss and then handed down to the current moderators.

They thought it would be awesome to let couples of all different kinds to have a place to come, be accepted, make new friends, and ask for advice! We don't discriminate against anyone, because we know that love is love no matter how pretty or ugly the package may be. We don't rate you on your looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you're all beautiful to us. We rate you on your relationship as a whole. This community will, over time, have it's ups and downs, but as the mods we're willing to do anything and everything it takes to make sure our members are happy and having fun. We're harsh when we need to be, but we're usually always nice. Keep in mind, it takes a lot to annoy us, so if you piss us off, you obviously did something really wrong. ;) We pride ourselves in being a fun and outgoing community and we try to be as goofy as possible. There are times for serious moments, and then there are times where we'll let go and go nuts and have fun. There isn't another couples rating community on LiveJournal that will be quite like this one, and we guarantee you that your time here will be well spent having fun and laughing a lot. We're really nice and our members are fantastic people, so don't be afraid to join!

- First off; MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS: If your membership request was denied and you want to know why, you must e-mail one of the mods or leave a comment on the members only post. We reject journals to weed out trolls and spammers. Although posts are moderated, we'd rather not have to deal with this sort of thing in the first place, so please don't be offended. We'll usually check journals that we don't recognize to see when it was created and the numbers of entries in each journal. If the journal was just created or has no entries, it will be rejected membership.

- Upon joining, we ask that you post your application within the time period of 48 hours (two days). If you don't post your application within the given time period, you will be removed from the community. You're allowed to join once more and post your application, but if you join again and remain inactive you will be removed from the community for the last time. In other words, don't lurk or you'll be banned.

- Have respect for moderators and members alike. If you can't get along with someone, then get in touch with one of the moderators and we'll handle it. Everyone here is nice and we'll respect you if you show the same respect in return.

- Put you and your partner's names in the subject line of your post so that we know you read the rules. It should look like "Your name & Your partner's name".

- Please put "Takin' a ride down Romance Drive!" in the lj-cut line. The lj-cut is already provided in the application, but it has a message stating to the members that you didn't read the rules. Pay attention please.

- You must be at least 14 years old to apply. Also, you must have been in your relationship for at least 4 months.

- If you are rejected, you can try again in one week. 99% of the time you'll be rejected for not being detailed enough in your application.

- Do not just write a sentence as an answer. We all read your whole application, and if it's short, we'll more than likely say no. We want to know about you and your partner, and we'd like a good bit of information to base our vote on, so answer the questions in full. Plus, we like reading about your relationship, so you can never go wrong with elaboration.

- Do not comment on anything except your own application if you haven't been accepted. We used to ban people for this, now we'll just warn you. It's not that hard people. The posts will still be there after you are stamped.

- When replying to comments in your application, please erase the subject line of the person's vote so it's easier for the mods to count the votes. You will be warned if you don't do it.

- Do not delete your application. This is a rating community based on your relationship, so if you don't think you can take the heat, then please do not apply. We're not mean, we won't try to bruise your ego and we're always fair in voting, so you really have nothing to worry about. Deleting your application will result in you being banned.

- Most importantly, do NOT start drama within your application or the community. If someone gives you a no, you're allowed to ask why, but don't be rude about it. Remember, this is a rating community, they're allowed to judge you if you apply, so suck it up.

- Failure to fill out your entire application will result in lots of no's so fill out the whole thing and take your time.

- None of that toggle type. If you tYpE LyKe DiS don't bother applying. Please have a little bit of knowledge of the English language. We don't want to have to read through your application six times to understand what you're saying.

- If you tell us that you don't have pictures, and we find out some other way that you have some, it will result in a ban. If you think you and your someone aren't easy on the eyes, it's not a big deal. We're not rating you on your faces, it's moreso to put faces to the relationship we're reading about. We won't lie to you, so please don't lie to us.

- Promoting is allowed, as long you put it under a lj-cut. But please use common sense when doing so. We don't want the only thing you do to be active is promote other communities in here, so please try not to do so if possible. Also, if you promote in our community you must promote us in that community as well and provide the link within your promo post. It's a win/win situation for everyone.

- This community is friends only. All the posts are automatically friends only, so if your application is made public you had to have put forth the effort for it to be that way, and we'll delete your application and remove you from the community.

- Once your application is posted you are not allowed to modify it unless told to do so by the mods. We approve the applications as they're posted so we'll read through them completely before we approve them. This is solely so that if someone gives you a no for something you can't go back and change it and argue that you didn't say it.

- Don't argue with other members. Take it to a moderator. We have e-mails so get ahold of us somehow and we'll deal with it. If you disagree with something someone says, please try to be polite about it, it's hard to tell emotions through text and we don't want anyone overreacting.

- Once you are accepted, you can start voting on new applications. Please stay active. If you have to leave, please let one of us know.

- Vote and promote! If you don’t promote, we won’t grow. We'll have periodical promoting contests and whatnot for prizes, so if you want you can save all the links that you've promoted to in a post in the community and just go back and edit it.

- When voting, you must put 'Yes', 'No' or 'Sway me' in the subject line of your comment. Failure to do so will result in your vote not counting. It's easier for whichever mod does stamping at the time to count the votes.

- If you get to an application of a new applicant before one of the mods votes on it and it's messed up, do NOT comment on it. Let the mods tell them that they've messed up the application. We're the mods for a reason, correct? Also, if the application is messed up and a mod has already told them, we'll put 'MOD // NO VOTING YET.' in the subject line, and that means don't comment on it until a mods say that the application is ready to be voted on.

- Also, when voting, you must list at least one reason why you voted the way you did. You don't have to be nice, but don't start drama or you'll get a warning. Repeat offenders will be banned. Please don't put just a period in the comment itself. It takes up too much space to have the applicant ask you why, and you have to tell them. So tell them upfront so their application doesn't fill up with comments.

- Let us mods take care of everything. Just because you're stamped doesn't give you the right to bash applicants and their relationships. If their someone did something that you don't exactly agree with, don't say stuff like "What a douche!" or anything of that nature. People mess up, and people change, you don't need to tell them their partner is a bad person just because they said something stupid at one time, etc. If you have any problems, take it to a mod.

- When posting things that have to do with sexual content, please put posts like this behind a cut and put some description in the cut saying it involves sexual content so you don't offend anyone. It's just respectful. We don't mind you talking about that kind of stuff, because it's part of a relationship at one point or another, but please remember to cut those types of posts for the sake of member's who aren't comfortable discussing them.

- We'd appreciate it if you'd put one of our buttons in your userinfo. You don't have to, but we ask that you please do because it's a good way to advertise the community to anyone who reads your info.

- This is the internet, and you know not everyone out there is going to be right for every community. We'll get applicants like that every once in awhile, but don't be rude to them. Rudeness is not appreciated by mods, members, and applicants alike, so be nice please. We're not asking you to sugarcoat everything, but please don't act like you have sand in your vagina.

Do NOT use rich text mode and do NOT mess with the HTML. All of the HTML is inside the textbox, so all you have to do is go to the Update Journal page and copy the application and paste it. If you think it's too plain, please remember that not everyone is LJ-savvy or even HTML-savvy, so we have to keep the application as basic as possible for those who aren't. Please put your answers after the >/b< (with the arrows reversed) tag. Also for the pictures, if you don't have an image host to host your pictures on, we recommend ImageShack or Photobucket. The accounts are free, so you can easily register for one and upload your pictures there. Please use the "img src" tag when posting pictures.


Head Mod.

My name is Caryn. I am 22 years old and I live in Washington State. I am married to my wonderful husband, Jason. We got married on April 5, 2010. I have an awesome 10yr old stepdaughter and we are currently TTC our first baby together. We have a mini dachshund named Tike and 2 kitties named Brody & Pookie. I am currently in school full time to be an administrative assistant in a medical office. I also do daycare in my house full time so definitely keeping busy!
I hope you enjoy the community :)

Get in touch with Caryn (x_unbreakable_o):
AIM: xA1waysnForeverx
Yahoo: xA1waysnForeverx (BEST Option! Just let me know who you are)
E-mail/MSN: Shades_of_Gray07@hotmail.com (Also a good way to get a hold of me)


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